Aug 19/Kitchen reveal

I am so excited to share our kitchen with you today! It was the #1 priority on our house to do list and now that it’s pretty much finished, I feel so much more at home.

Here’s a little snapshot of the “renovation” process. We were on a tight budget and only dealt with the necessities this time around. (We have grand plans for a bigger kitchen renovation, but that’s a few years down the road…)
Here are the changes that we made to the kitchen:
1. We had laminate floors put in the entire house, including the kitchen.
2. The fluorescent lighting was replaced with recessed LED lights and they rewired some electrical (the light switch controlling the kitchen lights was in the dining room).
3. An IKEA range hood was installed.
4. We removed the upper cabinets, painted the remaining ones black, and added open shelves. I bought wood from Home Depot and sanded, stained, and polyurethaned them. This past weekend we installed them with metal brackets that we got off Amazon (this is what we were desperate to finish yesterday!)

I followed a few different tutorials for painting cabinets at Young House Love, one of my favorite blogs and a great site for home improvements!

We love our new kitchen even through it’s far from perfect! The cabinets are still old and damaged and most of the doors jam, but we’re glad we were able to make it work without having to replace them (saving a whole lotta $$$). Now to go grocery shopping so it can be functional too!