Aug 26/Yard work


I got my exercise today by working on the backyard. We have a forest of philodendrons and spider plants whose roots have grown together, probably for the last 30 years.

I had no choice but to start yanking them out. I was so sad having to get rid of them, but I managed to save quite a few baby spider plants that had sprouted off the mama plant.


There are dozens of babies in those containers! I can’t wait to replant them, but I’ll have to find a lot of pots first! In the back of the picture you’ll see I filled six trash bags full of yard waste. I really had no other choice, as this is what I was faced with…


I’m worried the roots are affecting the structural integrity of the house (the back of the house is just to the right of this picture). Not looking forward to chopping those aerial roots apart. Any advice on how to tame these jungle-like plants?