Aug 27/Recipe Boxes

Without really meaning to, I’ve started a little collection of recipe boxes. I’ve had the larger green one for years and think I found it somewhere in my parent’s house when I was younger. The floral one on the right I found today at what I previously referred to as “The Best Thrift Store Ever” a.k.a. Mattson Co. on Morena Dr. here in San Diego. The tin one on the left was one of my best thrift store finds, also from Mattsons., because of what was inside…

It was full of handwritten recipes! The thrift store buys estates, so I’m imagining I’ve inherited the recipes from some little old grandma out there.

Yesterday I made the Cocoa and Honey brownies (and added some coffee powder and chocolate chips) and they were delicious! I feel so lucky to have found this little treasure. I’m looking forward to sharing some other thrift store purchases with you…I’ve been busy visiting all the local shops to fill our home with special finds!