Aug 28/Sunny Side Up

Surprise! We painted our front door yellow! I painted two coats of primer over the weekend and finished the second of two coats of paint last night. I love the bright lemon yellow with the grey stucco and white trim.

The guy at the paint store said yellow is one of the worst colors for coverage and you can still see some spots from underneath when you’re close-up, but I still think it was a great update.

We also bought a new door handle etc., since we wanted to change the locks anyway. The whole door handle situation is a little…unique (did they switch the handle and deadbolt?) but we’ve pretty much gotten used to it.


We love it! Here’s a before/after and update on our progress:


Front Entry Progress
Paint front doors
Change out locks
Add mat, plants, etc.
Paint trim white
Fix stucco and touch up grey paint
Replace mailbox (perhaps an oiled rubber bronze to match the door handle?)
Update pavers/stone (not pictured)

I’ve also been busy at work on the backyard! It’s seriously a jungle back there y’all! Updates to come…and a fun and easy DIY statement project to come tomorrow!