Aug 29/DIY Postcard Wall Display

I am so excited to share part of our living room with you today. This is a super easy DIY project and a fun way to display postcards, photographs, or other souvenirs from your travels!

First, gather the materials above. These are mostly things you might have around the house…for the clips I used the $2.99 curtain clips from IKEA, but you could totally use paper clips or clothes pins too! And instead of hooks you could use nails or push pins. I actually had all the above laying around (although I had so many postcards I did need to go back to IKEA for more clips).

Just mark the placement of the hooks on your wall, measure your twine/string, and hang! It’s really as simple as that.

I’ve collected postcards from most every place I’ve visited and have a few that were sent to me from friends traveling around the world. There are postcards from Yosemite (I’ve been there twice this year!), San Francisco, Hawaii, Vancouver, Costa Rica, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, and the Virgin Islands! I hung around 50 postcards that have been stashed in a box for the last couple years. They’re such an easy and inexpensive souvenir (I have more on my fridge, too!)


Not including the cost of postcards, this project cost me about $6 (for two more packages of clips), which is amazing considering how big of a statement it makes in our living room.


Do you have a stash of postcards or other souvenirs from your travels? Show me how you display yours!

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