Sept 6/Morning Yoga

I was a competitive swimmer for over 12 years. For five out of those years, I used to have to wake up anywhere from 415-530 in the morning for swim practice, multiple days a week. It was not fun.

I have enjoyed “sleeping in” since I retired from competitive swimming. Occasionally Pat has woke up at an ungodly hour for a sunrise surf, or gotten up for work when I could sleep in over summer break. It’s a great feeling.

So believe it or not, I went to two 6 am yoga classes this week! And “hot” yoga too! (Not Bikram, which is not really my thing) I have to say, it feels pretty good to a.) start your day off super relaxed, and b.) get your workout done with in the morning!

A pleasant surprise was looking out of the window in Warrior 2, to see a huge rainbow with the sunrise. Absolutely beautiful.

Happy Friday y’all! (As Pat told me…one down, 40 more to go?) is Summer 2014 here yet?