Sept 17/Post Planter DIY

As I said on Sunday, we needed a post to hold up the fourth corner of our sail shade on our patio. To make it a bit more decorative, we decided to make a planter post.


-Two 5 gallon buckets
-Concrete (we used a 60 lb. bag of Quikrete)
-Plant pot (large enough for the bucket to fit in)
-PVC pipe (cut to the height of the bucket)
-Bamboo or wooden post/pole
-Gravel or small rocks
-Potting soil

You need two people for this part…Mix the concrete in one bucket (We did this in three smaller batches).

Hold the PVC pipe in the middle of the second bucket and pour the concrete around the pipe. Don’t get it inside!

Wait for the concrete to dry. Next, put the concrete bucket in the planter pot. Fill around the bucket with gravel or small rocks for drainage. Then, fill the rest of the pot with soil and place the pole in the PVC pipe.

All that’s left to do is plant your vine or plants in the pot! I chose two types of jasmine plants that will grow up the post like a vine.

It still needs to grow in a bit, but it looks a lot better than a plain pole!