Nov 16/Surf Gallery Wall

For Pat’s birthday earlier this month I got him a set of wooden surfboard wall racks, from here. We mounted his first short board above our dining table, which is in a semi-dark corner. The surfboard is bright orange which brightened up the space a lot! The other wall was still blank though…

I had in mind a mini gallery wall of beach/surfing artwork/pictures for the other corner wall. I’d still like to add in some vintage surf photographs, etc. but here’s what we have so far! We love it!

All pictures were taken by me (with the exception if the larger blue ocean scene, which came with the frame). We’re planning on replacing it with a landscape of Beacons, the beach by our old apt. I got all the pictures printed at Costco and frames are from Michaels/thrifted.

The photograph in the white frame is of Avalon harbor in Catalina, the smaller landscape is of the train tracks overlooking the ocean at Del Mar, and the portrait of Pat is at 11th St. in Del Mar. San Diego beach love!