Nov 30/Shelves Part 2

Office shelves are going up!

A plan has been in the works for a while now. I measured the wall, found the studs, and sketched out a little plan for shelving. After seeing some cheap/good options at Home Depot we decided to get their Rubbermaid shelf standards/brackets and white melamine board so we could customize them to fit our needs.

Originally we put up three standards and were pretty happy with how the 8′ (and some shorter length) shelves were sitting on them…then after adding a few books and boxes we noticed a little sagging in between the brackets (which aren’t all that secure anyway).

So we made another trip back to HD for another standard and some additional brackets. Honestly, putting up shelving might be our least favorite DIY project-they’re very useful, look cool, but are such a pain to get level! After putting up the fourth standard we realized one standard was sitting 1 mm lower than the others. Once books and thing are on the shelf it’s not a big deal, but it totally bugs the perfectionist in me!

I will say I’m feeling a lot more confident about putting books and heavier objects up now that we have a bit more structure up. I’m so excited to have all my books and craft materials in one spot! (Oh yeah…I guess I have to share it with Pat too…)

In total, we’ve made three trips to Home Depot and two trips to IKEA this weekend-but the office is looking much improved. Does anyone else have an office/library/craft room DIY story?