Jan 28/Backyard Progress

Ok. Here’s the backyard “progress” shot. It’s not bad, but it’s not great. The sand/dirt and IKEA bags in the back are the products of some “work” this weekend. Basically, I was sick of looking at the eye-sore of an old sand pit and wanted to kick start this project!

Here’s the “plan”:
1. Remove the sand pit* (dirty, rocky, and ugly) and deck (the wood is rotten in many places).
2. Plant drought-tolerant plants around edging of fence (which will need to be replaced eventually-darn termites!).
3. Edge and fill former sand pit with pebbles. Create a fire pit with seating.
4. Replace concrete and tile (broken in some places) with flagstone and pebbles-this step may be a few years down the line ($$$).

*via a free sand ad in Craigslist, perhaps professional crap-removal services, or plain ole elbow grease + a Bagster…thoughts? We’re talking a few thousand pounds of sand here…