Feb 2/Compost Bin

Growing up, my parents always had a compost pile in the backyard. My mom would put kitchen scraps in a bucket and at the end of the week they’d get tossed into a huge pile out back. My Dad would get a workout mixing and turning the pile while creating amazing compost for the garden.

We’re so excited to finally have the space for our own compost pile out back. Since our space is a little limited, we wanted to contain the compost within a structure. We used two shipping pallets, an old fence door (which we tore down from an unused portion of the fence in the backyard), some chicken wire, and nailed it together in about an hour. Nothing complicated, although it did take two trips to Home Depot that day…


Here’s the before & after of the space:


…and After!

We had to move two plants and change the curve of the brick pavers, but it’s a much more functional space now! It’s away from the main outdoor living space, in a partial sun location, and near the hose (so I can wash out the bucket and wet the pile when needed). No complaints about smell or critters yet! I feel so much better knowing any (non dairy/meat) kitchen scraps/waste is going back into the Earth-in a good way!