Feb 8/#Daymaker

Today was a good day. We “broke ground” on our backyard by getting the old deck and sand pit removed.


It gets worse before it gets better, right?
Anyway, let’s talk about this sun wind chime.

This wind chime, believe it or not (as our realtor said when I told him this story) was a “#daymaker”.

When we first looked at the house, we didn’t notice this wind chime hanging from the pergola. However it came to our attention during our next walk through with our realtor, when we knew this dream of ours was likely going to come true. Sure, it’s seen better days, but notice the little fluffy thimble-sized hummingbird nest on the top! We most definitely took it as a good sign about the house.

Unfortunately, the pergola was torn down as part of our termite inspection during escrow. When we moved in, we assumed it was trashed along with the rotten wood it hung from.

Months passed, and during a conversation with the previous tenants, we learned that there had been a hummingbird egg in the nest earlier this year. They asked if we knew if it had hatched. It was empty when we first saw it, we assumed it had hatched, and we let them know that it had unfortunately been thrown away.

Cue to today. I was observing the removal of the deck, when I noticed something laying in the dirt. It was our wind chime-with the little hummingbird nest still intact! In the hurry of tearing down the pergola, the workers must have strewn it under the deck (along with about a dozen toy balls, cigarettes, and plastic army men.)

The wind chime has a few more layers of rust and lost a bell, but the hummingbird nest is back to where it belongs! I’m hopeful our momma hummingbird will return to her nest this year.

Like I said, it was a good day. Also, today happens to be the six month anniversary of moving in to our first home, my half-birthday, and the halfway point on my 365 photo/blog challenge! Thanks for following along!