March 4/Turf Replacement

Ugh. I’m a little embarrassed about that picture. But it’s all part of the plan…

We seriously cut back on watering our lawn for the past few months (literally the day we got our first water bill…) and it shows. I’m thinking that the color variation in the grass is due to the sprinkler reach and perhaps shading of the house/tree.

I’ve been seriously contemplating doing San Diego’s Turf Replacement program. The city will give you a rebate of $1.50 a sq./ft. for replacing your turf with low-water plants. I’m in the initial phase of designing and picking out plants. Any suggestions? Has anyone else participated in this program?

Plants and landscaping are on my mind now. On my run today I was admiring some houses in the neighborhood, getting some ideas for things we could do.

How about going from this:

To this:

It’s an idea for the front corner. I like the natural looking rocks and informal layout. Our plant community is “coastal sage scrub”, so I’d like to use a lot of plants in that same family. Any suggestions are appreciated!