March 18/Dethatching

I did something new this week! After some research, we realized our lawn was desperately in need of a dethatching. It felt as springy as a trampoline! So we bought a dethatching rake and I’ve been busy raking up all the matted dead grass from our front yard. Imagine brushing the old dead hairs out of a really big dog…very time consuming, and you have to be careful not to pull too hard, but somewhat satisfying! (Or am I just weird like that?)

Why am I doing this if were just going to remove the lawn anyway? I’m telling myself it will save me some time and effort in the long run, not having to dig up all the thatch along with the grass. But a little part of me hopes it will improve the looks of our very sad-looking lawn for these last few weeks (and enough to get approved for the turf removal process).

Are there any other Southern Californians out there who struggle with keeping up with their lawn? Has anyone replaced it entirely like we’re hoping to do?