April 10/Backyard Progress

Remember a few months ago when our backyard looked like this? (Eek!)


Well, it’s been slow-going, but here it is today!


Last weekend we finished laying the brick wall surrounding the future “garden” area (former sand pit). All in all, we spent about $75 on bricks from Home Depot. SO WORTH IT! You can’t see the right side of the backyard from this picture, but now there is one continuous flow of terracotta bricks that really ties the yard space in with the terracotta tiled roof/patio (behind me in this picture). We laid the bricks ourselves, with just a garden spade, some extra dirt, and a level. By this time (Day 4 of laying brick) we felt like pros!

Are you wondering what we decided to do with the dirt (former rotten deck) in the foreground?


Believe it or not, we’re growing MORE GRASS! Yes, I know…I had just about decided to remove all the grass from our front yard. But, a. it’s less than 100 sq. ft., b. we’re installing more efficient irrigation (also another WIP), and c. most importantly-it makes the space flow better. Last week I hand-picked a few hundred (or thousand?) rocks out, leveled it out, fertilized it, and planted fescue seeds. It’s been a struggle to keep the ground moist, especially over these last few hot hot days, but it seems to be doing fine. I can’t wait to have this bald patch filled in!