August 4/Juniper & Ivy

We had a friend in town and tried out Juniper & Ivy, Richard Blais’ “new” restaurant in Little Italy. Drinks and appetizers were my favorite. Pat and I split a biscuit and Mexican corn for starters, and I had an amazing cocktail “15 Love”. We had the Sea Bass over Batsmati rice and the Pork Chop for dinner. Then we split the coconut panna cotta for dessert. A friend got the “Yodel” dessert, which I was totally jealous of. It was a chocolate lover’s dream dessert.

It does not look like a restaurant from the street, as the main dining floor is below street level. Men/women’s bathrooms were split off of a communal sink room, which confused a lot of people. We were definitely underdressed and it was our most expensive dinner in a very long time, but it’s worth going for a special occasion.

Has anyone else tried Juniper & Ivy? What did you think?