August 6/Vintage Travel Posters

Having a friend visit this week was a perfect excuse to get the guest room all finished up! We have the bed under the window (really the only place it can be) so we had two long plain white walls to fill. Here’s the before (from our final walk through after closing…more dramatic that way, right? Also I did not remember a post-move in “Before” picture…)


And here’s the after! What do you think?

After looking through dozens of websites for frames and poster printing, I found a great solution for filling a blank wall on a budget. I really liked the idea of vintage travel posters, especially for a guest room.

We downloaded free posters from here, printed them through here, and bought the “Saxnas” frames from IKEA (Non-affiliate links! Just sharing our resources!). The posters were a custom size so I just centered and taped the posters on the back of the paper included in the frame. The total cost was $80 for four posters! I love how they turned out!