July 13/Echinacea Flower

Aren’t these pink echinacea (coneflowers) in my mom’s backyard beautiful? I want some for my garden now! Advertisements

July 12/Family Portrait Take 2

We’re celebrating a family friend’s wedding day today! We haven’t been to a wedding as a family in years (although this is #3 of 4 for me this year!) Cheers!

July 11/Sophie’s Spa

Sophie loved coming to this creek during a walk. She’d plop in the water, relax, and cool-off! It’s changed a lot since I was a kid but is still a beautiful place!

July 10/A Walk in the Woods

July 9/Georgetown Cupcake Part 2

My mom and I are in Georgetown for some special errands today! And of course, we just had to stop by Georgetown Cupcake for a little treat.

July 8/Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace

Bobby Flay’s Breakfast Burger-topped with bacon and a fried egg! Yum!

July 7/Mom’s Garden

Isn’t my mom’s garden beautiful? I love how green and lush Virginia is during the summers!

July 6/Georgetown Cupcake

My first!

July 5/Family Portrait

It’s been a while since we’ve all been together for a nice family portrait! We had a little party to celebrate Pat and my engagement while home for the holiday. Cheers!

July 4/Happy Fourth of July!